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Efficient lifting and zero emissions with electric forklifts

Kalmar Electric Forklifts Trucks produce zero carbon emissions at source and can be fitted with a choice of masts and numerous attachments so you can handle any load up to 18 tonnes efficiently and safely.

The time is now: Going electric with all your forklift operations

During this webinar we will answer the most burning questions about going electric.

Technical information

Technical info Specifications for Electric Forklifts 9-18 ton
Lifting capacity (lbs)
Load centre (inches)
Wheel base (inches)
Cab options
EGO Cabin or Ego OHG
Power Source
Lead Acid or Lithium-ion
Stage Emission
EU Stage 5
Speed Control
High frequency MOSFET, AC - Stepless

The time is now to go electric

Kalmar’s electrically powered 9-18 tonne forklift trucks will help improve the eco-efficiency of your operations while maintaining the highest levels of productivity and safety. With a choice of either Lead Acid or Lithium-ion batteries and different charging options, we can work with you to design a solution that will deliver for your business.

Good for business, great for the environment

With an electric powered driveline fitted to your forklift truck your drivers will notice a big difference, with faster and smoother acceleration and more responsive handling, while still being able to handle loads up to 18 tonnes efficiently and safely. Less time will be spent servicing and maintaining the electric powertrain since it has less moving and mechanical parts. Plus, you will be able to keep it running optimally within a broad range of temperatures, with Kalmar’s Thermal Management System fitted to the Lithium-ion battery option as standard.

A better, healthier driving experience

Kalmar 9-18T Electric Forklift Trucks have been fitted with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin as standard. This cabin has been built to provide a superior driving experience for your operators.

Your driver will be happier and more comfortable with:

  • Adjustable control panels, steering wheel and seat, which can also be rotated with the push of a button.
  • Slimline B-Pillars provide an exceptional level of visibility, making the machine safer to operate, especially in busy environments.
  • An intuitive and easy to use user interface with an intelligent colour display at its heart - providing advanced diagnostics, battery status and smart settings which help improve operation control and optimal opportunity charging.

All our electrically powered forklift trucks are safe to use indoors and can handle sensitive goods. They are also healthier and safer for your drivers as they:

  • Vibrate less, reducing stress and strain on your drivers’ bodies
  • Are extremely quiet, making working indoors less disruptive
  • Produce no exhaust fumes


What choice of batteries do I have for my forklift truck?

Kalmar offers two types of battery technology to power your equipment, Lead Acid and Lithium-ion. You will need to decide which of these is the most suited to your material handling needs and current work cycles.

What is the difference between the two battery options?

Kalmar’s Lead Acid batteries come fully self-contained and can be charged in-situ or removed from your forklift truck and charged in a ventilated charging space. Recharging your Lead Acid batteries normally takes place overnight. If you need to run continuous shifts then you will need to have one set of batteries fitted to your forklift, while the second set charges. Three batteries would be required for continuous operations across multiple shifts. Lead Acid batteries cannot be opportunity charged during your work cycles. Lead Acid batteries:

  • Last for 1,200 to 1,400 cycles
  • Battery efficiency – 70%
  • Generally removed to be fully charged
  • Requires a ventilated charging space
  • Requires some regular maintenance
  • Additional batteries required for multi-shift operation
  • Charging time – 6-8 hours full charge
  • Cooling time 4-8 hours

Lithium-ion batteries are permanently fitted to your electrically powered forklift truck and can be charged just like you would charge an electric car. This simple plug and charge technology can be used to fully charge the batteries between shifts or charge your batteries during idle time or breaks, this is called opportunity charging. Lithium-ion batteries:

  • Last for 2,400-4,000 cycles
  • Battery efficiency – 95%
  • Are charged in-situ
  • Do not require a ventilated space
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Can be opportunity charged for multi-shift operation
  • Charging time - estimated 1% per one minute – dependent on charging solution chosen

Manage your electric forklift trucks energy consumption.

Kalmar Eco Drive provides three different drive modes to choose from:

  • Economy. If total cost of operations outweighs the need for performance, Economy mode reduces energy consumption by up to 15%.
  • Normal: Balances power and economy to optimise profitability.
  • Power. Brings maximum performance out of your machine, allowing you to increase the number of tonnes moved per hour.

Keeping your forklift truck moving

Kalmar Services offers a full range of spare parts to order online through Kalmar MyParts and a range of flexible service contracts to keep your electric forklift truck moving. Kalmar’s MyParts online store stocks thousands of items ready for delivery including tyres, servicing and filter kits, to name a few.

Which electrically powered 9-18T forklift truck should I choose? 

Kalmar can work with you to understand your material handling requirements and recommend which of our electrically powered solutions is right for your business. Talk to your local Kalmar Sales Support Team for more information.

How do I monitor the performance of my electric forklift truck?

Kalmar Insight provides you with operational information direct from your electric forklift truck in real-time to review and analyse, allowing you to take action that will help improve your overall operations immediately. Kalmar Insight can also help you manage maintenance tasks across your fleet more effectively with the Kalmar Insight Maintenance Module. To find out more click here.

Does Kalmar offer other electrically powered forklift trucks?

Kalmar offers a range of electrically powered forklift trucks that can handle loads up to 33 tonnes and are suitable for handling containers, a variety of diverse materials and for industrial applications. We also offer a full range of electrically powered reachstackers, empty container handlers and terminal tractors.

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