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At Kalmar, we hold the wellbeing of our employees in the highest regard. It's not just about boosting team performance and driving company success; it's about genuinely caring for our people.

We prioritize creating an environment where our employees can thrive and feel well, recognizing that when they feel good, they do great work. Our line managers play a key role in this. Our commitment to wellbeing starts with leadership.We've invested in training our managers to develop teams where every individual has the opportunity to succeed. Clear goals and strong support systems ensure that everyone can excel in their roles.

But it doesn't stop there. We believe in listening to our teams and continuously improving our workplace. Regular engagement surveys help us gather feedback and make necessary adjustments to better support our employees.

We encourage collaboration and face-to-face meetings to boost productivity, innovation, and inclusion. However, we also recognize the importance of flexibility. While our main office serves as our base, we understand that allowing our teams to find the right balance between remote work and in-office collaboration is essential for their wellbeing and performance. All employees are valued, and we want to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated. We promote work-life balance and offer resources for personal development.

Our people are at the core of our business, and their health and safety are always our top priority.

Ensuring Every Workday is Secure

At Kalmar, we want to ensure every workday is safe. We are committed to protecting our employees and contractors from any risks while on Kalmar premises or using our equipment. We want to be proactive when it comes to safety. Whenever a safety concern arises, we address it immediately and encourage our employees to do the same. We also prioritize learning and sharing: we offer training on safe practices and safety requirements, and we review incidents to understand and improve from them. As part of all this we release 3-4 times a year newsletter consisting of topical Safety themes, which are approached from different angles: leadership, operators and safety practitioners.