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Supplier payment terms

Kalmar has a standard payment term policy for all suppliers of direct and indirect goods and services.


For suppliers of direct material: Europe and APAC, 90 Days; North America, 75 Days

For suppliers of indirect goods and services: 45 Days

Standard payment terms enable Kalmar to optimise the payment process, resulting in more accurate and timely payments for suppliers. We expect our suppliers, as our valued partners, to comply with the standard. Failure to do so will result in delayed payments.


Contact information

For questions regarding the standard payment terms, please contact:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do “45 days”, “75 days” and “90 days” mean?
A: These mean that Kalmar will pay the invoice amount within 45, 75 or 90 days from receipt of an approved invoice, which complies with the invoice requirements.

Q: How can I know what payment term applies to my company, and where can I see it?
A: The payment term is stated in the Purchase Order issued by Kalmar.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the new standard?
A: If you have any questions, please contact please contact:

Q: How can I avoid late payments?
A: Please make sure your invoices comply with the new standard payment terms. It is critical that your organisation follows the invoice requirements as stated in the supplier invoicing instructions.