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At Kalmar, our fundamental belief is that leaders have a major role in fostering job satisfaction, wellbeing and personal growth among our team members and driving overall team performance. It's not just about policies and procedures; it's about empowering individuals to succeed within a supportive environment.

Since 2015, we have invested in our leaders through initiatives like the LEAD and GROW leadership development programmes. These efforts have equipped our leaders to:

  • Lead with purpose
  • Empower for performance
  • Collaborate for growth

Our leadership journey doesn't stop there. We're currently integrating Lean leadership principles to further enhance our approach. This new approach not only focuses on individual growth, but it also emphasises systemic change, catalysing organisation-wide progress. Through this programme, our leaders are empowered to:

  • Ensure alignment from strategy to activities
  • Establish a climate of learning through doing
  • Establish a climate of respect for the individual
  • Return authority to those closest to the problem

Our dedication to leadership development is yielding tangible results. According to our latest annual employee engagement survey in 2023, 83.2% of respondents reported a favourable team climate. This statistic underlines that our people feel valued within high-performing teams, where they truly make a difference.

For us, leadership isn't just a title. It's a commitment to empowering individuals and fostering collective success.