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At Kalmar, we are focused on creating a great place to work for all of us

At Kalmar, we want to know what our people think! In our annual employee engagement survey, all employees are encouraged to share their thoughts on a wide range of topics, from work–life balance to leadership and team climate. Our divisions follow up on any findings that point to development needs.

We have also realised that conducting employee engagement surveys on an annual basis is not enough, as in today’s environment, change is so rapid. Hence, we are offering a significantly shorter employee engagement survey in which our people have an opportunity to share their feedback via open questions and statistical questions on a monthly basis.

What do our people say about Kalmar?

(Source: Employee engagement survey 2023)

We have always been in a privileged position, as our people are eager to share their views via the employee engagement survey. In 2023, our response rate was 76% and overall favourability was 77%. In the 2023 survey, our most favourable themes were:

  1. Sustainability: Kalmar is experienced as a sustainable company that is committed to the environment, social responsibility, and the economy.
  2. Team Climate and Performance: We have high-performing teams in which personnel feel that their team is making a real difference.
  3. Meaning of Work: The work of our personnel feels meaningful and fulfilling. Personnel feel a sense of achievement and can count on support from line managers and co-workers when needed.

While celebrating our successes, we're also committed to continuous development. Identifying areas for improvement is key on our journey. Our 2023 survey shed light on some opportunities for development:

  1. Stress and Detachment: During the last few years, we have experienced bigger organisational changes and also the world around us has changed. Stress and Detachment was reported as an improvement area for Kalmar.
  2. Direction: One of our leadership principles is leading with purpose, which basically means communicating the why on all levels in Kalmar. Nevertheless, personnel reported the lack of a clear, longer-term vision for Kalmar.

But we don't stop at just gathering feedback. Following each survey, we embark on a commitment planning process. Every manager evaluates the feedback and facilitates meaningful team discussions. Through this collaborative effort, we identify strengths, address areas for growth, and create actionable plans for the future.

At Kalmar, your voice matters.