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Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of our business, and it presents significant business opportunities for Kalmar. We constantly look for ways to minimise our negative impacts, while we simultaneously strive to optimise our positive ones.

Our solutions and actions help build a world where global warming stays below 1.5°C and a circular economy replaces the wasteful linear one. We do this by solving our customers’ sustainability challenges with our Eco Portfolio equipment, services and software.

At the same time, our approach is a holistic one, covering the environmental (E) but also social (S) and governance (G) aspects of sustainability (ESG). We take action to ensure that our environmental ambitions are founded on safe, inclusive, transparent and ethical business practices. And we don’t stop at our own operations: we look at the entire value chain, making sure that sustainability is considered in all phases of our business, from design and sourcing to product use and end of life.

Our approach