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It feels truly gratifying when you are trusted from the first moment you step in the door

After graduating in 2017, my next logical step was to find a suitable company that could provide me with the necessary steps to develop my career. As a person with German roots living in Sweden, I was looking for international, English-speaking colleagues, and I soon realised that Kalmar would fit me perfectly. Little did I know that I would be starting to grow my “global family” and widen my horizons to unexpected extents by learning about cultures and new, innovative perspectives.

From the very beginning, as a management trainee at Kalmar, I was able to be a part of the senior management team and had the opportunity to voice my insights on larger strategic decisions. It feels truly gratifying when you are trusted from the first moment you step in through the door. As I was young and highly ambitious, there were vast amounts of possibilities to move into different positions and functions after my trainee period.

Now, after around four years at Kalmar, I am holding my first managerial position as a manager in E-Commerce. Even though I had no prior experience with personnel responsibilities, the upper management and my colleagues have believed in me and have always been there to help. In an environment that pushes you to grow and that builds confidence, while providing constant learning and development opportunities, you can only feel grateful and proud of the company.

At Kalmar, you are heard

As long as I’ve been at Kalmar, sustainability has been important and seen as necessary in an industry like ours. It's a value that drives the company. As a climate enthusiast, I recognise the challenges and think we can always do more, but I really believe I have a positive impact on how we work in collaboration with the surrounding environment.

At Kalmar, you are heard and there are ways of voicing your opinions on any matter. In fact, we have created sustainability communities and ‘tribes’, where anyone can contribute to different conversations on climate change, carbon footprint, and so on. Anyone can have an impact by just speaking up.

As customer needs change, we strive to change with them

Since day one, I have noticed that there is constant development going on at Kalmar. As customer needs change, we strive to change with them. During my time as a trainee, I took part in the meeting in which the decision was made to provide a fully electric portfolio by 2021. To witness this change and observe how Kalmar has transformed into a future-ready company has been a significant opportunity. All in all, employees are encouraged to present their ideas and insights, as new perspectives might spark grand initiatives.

Alina’s tips to new talents

Be informed about what the company does and simultaneously, be honest and true to yourself. By being transparent, open-minded, and curious, one can definitely find success at Kalmar.

At Kalmar, you are able to have a positive impact on the environment