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The time is now to go electric with all your Forklift operations

25 minutes

The transition to more eco-efficient cargo handling is already happening, and the change is being driven by several factors: public pressure, increasingly strict legislation, investor demands and local requirements. At the end of 2021 Kalmar delivered on its promise to have an electrically powered version of every single piece of equipment in our range. 

Part of this was the launch of the Kalmar Electric Heavy Forklift, meaning that Kalmar has now electrified its full forklift portfolio.

The Kalmar Electric Forklift Trucks are suitable for several industries and segments, such as forestry, sawmills, paper reel handling, pulp bale handling, metal handling logistics, ports and stevedoring, concrete, distribution, logistics and many more. 


During this webinar we will answer the most burning questions about going electric:


  • What options are there available when going electric with forklift operations?
  • What do I need to know about the infrastructure, batteries and charging?
  • What is the cost impact?

Kalmar’s ambition is to help our customers build their journey towards a zero-emission future. Together we will find a solution that fits the best for your operation. 

Meet your webinar hosts:


Mikael Andersson - Host
Product Manager, Forklift Trucks

Henrik Johansson - Host
Sales Support Manager, Forklift Trucks

Aino-Leena Juutinen - Facilitator
Marketing Manager, Forklift Trucks

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