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Increase fleet productivity, safety, and eco-efficiency with Kalmar Insight - an easy-to-use performance management tool providing insights for immediate operational improvements

Kalmar Insight turns the operational data from your equipment into actionable, impactful insights that can be used and acted on to enhance the productivity, safety, and eco-efficiency of your fleet.

“Kalmar Insight is easy and logical to use. The interface is user-friendly and not complicated, so you don’t need lots of training.”

- Jurgen De Breuck, Manager, Rolling Equipment & Welding, DP World Antwerp Gateway.

What is Kalmar Insight?

Kalmar Insight is an easy-to-use performance management tool for material handling operations that gives you an insightful overview of your fleet operations, by aggregating data from multiple sources. Enabling you to act on real-time information, that will help improve your overall operations immediately. Kalmar Insight will digitise your entire fleet, including equipment built by other manufacturers.



Kalmar Insight can make a real difference to your operations as it is:

  • Accessible from anywhere:
    Kalmar Insight can be accessed from any connected screen so you can monitor your equipment’s performance in real time.
  • Provides actionable data:
    Kalmar Insight allows you to analyse your equipment performance so you can take instant actions to improve equipment productivity.

Enhance your productivity

There are many ways that Kalmar Insight can help you improve the productivity of your entire fleet, here are just a few:

  • You can review production and idle time to assess your current utilisation rates for every machine and take relevant actions to improve the overall productivity of each machine.
  • You can review every move that each machine has made to assess how productive it is.
  • You can track the usage of each machine by the driver to review each shift individually.

Enhance your safety

Being able to make your operations as safe as possible is important to us at Kalmar, which is why Kalmar Insight has many features that can help to enhance the overall safety of your operations, here are just a few:

  • Monitor and review all shocks and alerts so you can assess what needs to change to improve safety levels.
  • Track the movement of your equipment around your yard so you know exactly what is going on with our playback mapping feature.


Enhance your eco-efficiency

Tracking the eco-efficiency of your equipment is critical to creating a more sustainable business, which is why with Kalmar Insight you can:

  • Monitor the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions across your fleet so you can take actions to improve the eco-efficiency of your operations. 
  • Monitor idle time so you can improve the operational efficiency of each machine; lowering fuel consumption will lower your carbon emissions.


Connect your entire fleet

All new Kalmar equipment can be connected to Kalmar Insight, while older models or equipment from other manufacturers may need to have connectivity hardware fitted to facilitate the seamless flow of data between your equipment and Kalmar Insight. Once installed, you’ll wonder how you ever did without Kalmar Insight.


Driver ID and Access Management ensures that you have only approved operators driving a specific machine, improving the overall safety of your people and operations.

Driver and equipment performance data is available through Kalmar Insight.

The checklist module is accessed through a mobile app where your drivers can record the daily status of their equipment. This information can be supplemented by images or video and can then be accessed through Kalmar Insight for analysis and to plan the required maintenance before it becomes an issue. Helps to keep your machine running as efficiently as possible. Enhancing both the safety and productivity of your fleet.

Information in each checklist can be aggregated and/or sorted by time, equipment, driver, group or status.


API connectivity enables the sharing and integration of your equipment data with other IT systems, allowing you to optimise your internal business processes.

To streamline your data flow further, container related data can be automatically shared between your equipment and TOS.



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A single view of your operations.

Kalmar Insight brings together data from your entire fleet, including equipment built by other manufacturers. You can aggregate data from multiple sites and access this information via mobile or other screens.

Review your fleet in operation, by playing back the information you are interested in and make decisions that will have an immediate impact on your business. In addition, get greater control over your equipment availability by using the maintenance scheduler, which will also order the required parts automatically.

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