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Kalmar's open and transparent culture fosters trust and respect among employees during times of change.

I joined Kalmar as an HR Executive back in October 2019. At that time, the HR Executive role was a combination of the HR Advisor and HR Services Specialist roles. When the Kalmar Business Services (CBS) was first established, I transitioned to the HR Specialist, Contact Team role, focusing on being the first point of contact for all Kalmar Business units' employees when they raised tickets in the Kalmar Services Portal. In April 2021, I was promoted to Senior HR Specialist, Contact Team. As of November 2023, I am now the APAC Hub, Team Lead.

My motivation to join Kalmar was due to a desire to broaden my HR experience in a global environment instead of just focusing on Singapore. Joining a global company was an eye-opener, and I learned many new things despite still being in a country role. When the CBS Hub was established, our Regional HR Director, Chui San Soh, convinced me of the many learning opportunities in the new HR Specialist, Contact Team role. This motivated me to move to the regional role, where I learned more than I could have imagined. Despite the challenges and learning curve, I enjoyed the new role immensely.

Key Milestones and Memorable Projects

A significant milestone was the establishment of the CBS APAC Hub despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite virtual knowledge transfers, we ensured a seamless transition and maintained high standards of HR service delivery. Additionally, spearheading the expansion of the Hub from a modest team to a strong unit underscored our collective achievements.

Participating in the ServiceUp Project stands out as a memorable experience. Implementing the new ServiceNow portal streamlined processes and enhanced communication efficiency, positively impacting both employees and the company. Auto translation was one of the new features, which was useful as many of the employees do not have English as their first language and prefer to use their local language to communicate. These kinds of initiatives underscored our commitment to innovation, caring for our people and service excellence.

Company Culture, Professional Development & Core Behaviours

The HR community at Kalmar is very supportive and helpful. There is a no-blame culture, fostering an environment that encourages experimentation and innovation. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities, which aligns with Kalmar's core behaviour of experimentation. This environment has allowed me to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

I appreciate Kalmar's open and transparent communication, especially during the demerger process. Keeping employees informed fosters a respectful, strike-through and transparent environment, making us feel valued as part of the Kalmar family.

Kalmar's core behaviours, such as respect and experimentation, are evident in our daily interactions. Colleagues respect diverse opinions and actively seek consensus, fostering a harmonious working environment. Embracing experimentation allows for innovative problem-solving and continuous learning.

Tips for New Talents

For those starting at Kalmar, I advise maintaining a growth mindset and embracing challenges as opportunities for learning. Also remember to always focus on the customers, because that is where you can add value and make a difference to the business.