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Our vision to be the forerunner in sustainable material handling equipment and services can only be achieved through inclusive cooperation with all participants in our value chain.

Understanding our stakeholders’ needs and expectations is a must for us to perform in the best possible way. Based on both their potential influence on Kalmar and our potential impact on them, we have determined that our main stakeholders include customers, personnel, suppliers and investors. Other stakeholders include authorities, research and educational institutions, industry associations, local communities and the media.

We maintain an open and transparent dialogue with our stakeholders. We actively respond to information requests and proactively provide information on our website, in social media, and through various forms of direct communication.

Stakeholder engagement enables us to identify opportunities to create value and provide input for setting our sustainability targets. Integrity, fairness, confidentiality and compliance with stock exchange rules guide all our communications.

For more detailed information about how we work with each stakeholder group, see Cargotec’s GRI index (2-29 Approach to stakeholder engagement). Kalmar’s GRI Index will be published in 2025 after our first full year as a stand-alone company.