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Kalmar SmartPort Process Automation: Optimize container operations with real-time tracking, enhanced safety, and regulatory compliance.

Make your next move a smart one.

Kalmar SmartPort is a set of process automation modules that can be deployed in your terminal to help move containers more efficiently and meet local regulations.

Helping you to track, route, and manage containers from the gate to your quayside: optimise operational productivity, improve safety, security and raise equipment and personnel utilisation rates. Which is pretty smart.


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Learn how to boost terminal efficiency with process automation

Why automate your processes?

Kalmar SmartPort can help you save time and lower costs, improve security, and comply with local regulations. See how:

Save time and reduce costs

Kalmar SmartPort can show you exactly where each container, truck or piece of lifting equipment is at any given time, allowing you to optimise the flow of containers around your yard without losing any. You will:

  • Save time and reduce costs by streamlining processes
  • Know exactly where each container, truck or piece of lifting equipment is at any given time, allowing you to optimise the flow of containers around your yard without misplacing any.

Improve security and safety

Kalmar SmartPort makes sure you know where every container is at any given time, helping to make sure that containers are not moved or accessed without authorisation: - reducing any unauthorised access, or tampering with the container contents. You can:

  • Track every container that enters your yard until the time it leaves your yard
  • Follow equipment and trucks in real time so you can see if any deviate from their approved path and maintain a record of all movements
  • See any movement or tampering with containers that isn’t authorised.

Meet local regulations

Kalmar SmartPort allows you to track every truck and container arriving or leaving your yard, which will help you meet local government or port authority requirements, without having to completely redesign your yard. As you can:

  • Track all trucks and their loads entering and leaving your site as required by more and more port authorities.

A range of SmartPort Process Automation Modules to choose from

Kalmar SmartPort offers a range of modules and one app that can help improve the operational efficiency and safety of your operations and provide improved visibility into what is happening within your yard or terminal. You just need to choose which are right for your business:

SmartTruck - automatically identifies road trucks and tracks their movement around the terminal by using either RFID technology or an app that can be downloaded by road truck drivers.

SmartStack - automatically reports the position of every container within your stacks.

SmartLift - provides an automated lifting schedule for crane operators so they know which container to move next.

SmartPath - provides instructions to truck drivers on which stack a load should be moved to or collected from.

SmartQuay - registers container IDs automatically as they are unloaded from the vessel and captures any damage to the container.

SmartTrack - provides greater functionality to SmartMap and SmartScreen enabling you to model any train down to the individual railcar or container in your yard.

SmartMap - for real-time and historical visualisation of equipment location and container routing in your yard.

SmartScreen - automatically displays a job list to the lift operator and confirms when the container has been lifted or placed.

SmartLane - identifies all trucks and containers as they enter or exit your yard.


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Standalone SmartTruck application for mobiles

The SmartTruck App operates via a mobile phone and provides real time external truck visibility using RFID trackers, giving you the ability to seamlessly communicate with each truck driver. Improving the flow of containers around your yard, reducing turnaround times, and helping your crane operators work more efficiently.


Plus, real time equipment data

In addition to Kalmar SmartPort you may want to consider Kalmar Insight, as it provides real time operational information on your entire fleet, giving you an instant insight into any performance issues so you can take immediate action to optimise your fleet to meet your operational KPI’s.


Compatible with most equipment types:

This chart gives you a quick overview of which SmartPort Modules are suitable for each type of equipment. SmartPort can also be used for similar equipment types manufactured by other OEMs.

Kalmar SmartPort. Make your next move a smart move.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Kalmar SmartPort with manually operated container handling equipment?

Kalmar SmartPort is ideal for working with manual equipment, you may need to install additional hardware and or software depending on the module you are interested in.

Does Kalmar SmartPort work with any brand of equipment?

Kalmar SmartPort has been designed to work with container handling equipment produced by any manufacturer with the addition of necessary hardware or software.

How to get started with Kalmar SmartPort - do I need to install hardware or software?

Depending on which modules you require, you may need additional software or hardware to be installed. We will advise and guide you through any upgrades that you may need.

Can I add functionalities over time?

Yes, you can add more functionalities over time by adding software licenses. It will also require configuration updates.

Can Kalmar SmartPort integrate with my in-house TOS?

Kalmar SmartPort is easily interfaced with your TOS via a standard set of API’s. Many customers have been able to extend the life of their existing TOS by adding critical new functionality with the addition of SmartPort applications like SmartScreen, SmartStack and SmartMap.