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  • Automation redefined for automated container handling

    Kalmar One is a flexible and scalable open automation system for handling containers in ports and terminals. It will enable you to streamline and automate your operations with proven functionalities and well-established processes. As a standardised open automation system, it is applicable for a wide array of container handling equipment types and will be quicker, easier and more cost effective to deploy. Watch the film on what Kalmar One Automation System can do for your business.

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    Kalmar One Webinar

    Learn how Kalmar One can accelerate your success with a standardised approach towards terminal automation.


    How do container handlers choose the right level of automation?

    Choosing the right level of automation for your port or terminal will depend on your business objectives and needs. Kalmar offers different levels of container handling automation. You may choose to start with process automation or operator assisted moves where part of your operational processes are automated, and the rest are manually controlled and monitored by your operators. At higher levels of automation your equipment will be able to execute all moves automatically, without an operator. An operator will still be required to oversee the operations and handle exceptions from a centralised control centre. 


    How will you benefit from automated container handling with Kalmar One?

    As an open automation system there are many benefits to deploying Kalmar One in your container port or terminal:


    • Kalmar One is scalable and can grow with your operations.
    • Kalmar One is a modular system that allows you to choose what and how you automate.
    • Kalmar One supports many levels of automation, from remote controlled to the fully automated movement of containers.
    • Kalmar One can be used to automate your entire fleet, including even 3rd party container handling machines .


    Kalmar One is an open automation system using industry standards that can be seamlessly integrated with other systems through our Kalmar Key open API’s.


    What are the advantages of Kalmar One for automated container terminals?

    Automating the movement of containers around your port, terminal or yard has many advantages:


    • You will be able to raise the utilisation rates of your equipment
    • Safety will be improved as the movement of containers will happen in isolation from your people
    • Operators can be redeployed to other areas of your business
    • You will have a flexible automation solution that can grow with your business
    • Automated equipment is more efficient and can help in reducing your overall operating costs.


    Equipment automation Powered by Kalmar One

    All of our automated equipment applications are Powered by Kalmar One, enabling you to seamlessly automate container handling equipment in your port, terminal or yard.


    What is Kalmar’s approach on cybersecurity?

    In August 2023, the Kalmar Technology and Competence Center in Tampere, Finland and its Automation Business Line received certification for IEC 62443-4-1, the international standard for cyber security for industrial automation and control systems. Kalmar is the first solution provider in the ports and terminals industry to receive the certification for the software development of its automation system.

    The SDL process of the Kalmar One automation system was independently audited by Exida, a leading product certification company. Kalmar One Cybersecurity certificate and assessment report.

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    Ready to automate your workflow and process, not your equipment?

    Kalmar SmartPort can help automate many of your standard processes in your yard, port or terminal as it can track, route and manage containers from the gate through to your quayside. SmartPort process automation also helps to optimise your operational productivity, safety and equipment and personnel utilisation rates. Automating your workflow or process can be a great starting point for your fully automated container handling journey.


    Can Kalmar provide automation technical support?

    Kalmar One, including any future operational or system changes, will be fully supported throughout their lifetime by Kalmar’s automation services team. This ensures that you will always have the support on hand to stay in control of your automation journey. We offer a range of support services designed to help you plan, support, develop and optimise your automation system and automated equipment over their operation lifetime.


    Want to be part of a growing community of automated ports and terminals?

    The Kalmar Key Partner Forum is an open forum where you can become part of a growing community of ports and terminals that have or are starting their automation journey. Kalmar One is an open automation system, which means we need an open forum where we can share ideas and experiences and help all of us achieve our automation ambitions. If you are interested in joining this growing community of like-minded people you can find out more and register here.



    Frequently asked questions

    Will Kalmar One work with my existing terminal operating system?

    Kalmar One is an open automation system that can be integrated into other systems - like TOS, GOS, STS control system, or any 3rd party software or maintenance management system - by using our standard Kalmar Key automation interfaces, which are open API’s.

    Can Kalmar One help me automate non Kalmar equipment?

    Kalmar One can help you automate your entire fleet as all Kalmar equipment can be delivered “automation ready” or be retrofitted for autonomous operations. In most cases equipment built by other manufacturers can also be automated with our open API’s , although some updates may be required.

    Is it easier to build a new container terminal if I want to automate my operations?

    A greenfield site can be ready for automated operations from day one using the Kalmar One automation system, making the transition more straightforward.  With brownfield sites we would recommend that automating your operations across your terminal happens progressively, stack by stack or area by area.

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