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Kalmar’s values, Code of Conduct, Business Partner Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy and related policies as well as selected globally acknowledged initiatives and principles create the foundation for sustainable performance at Kalmar.

Sustainability is integrated in Kalmar’s processes through Kalmar’s robust sustainability agenda.
Kalmar’s sustainability agenda consists of the following material sustainability focus areas: 

  1. solutions and actions that drive a circular, 1.5 °C world, taking the planetary boundaries into consideration
  2. human rights, with a special focus on health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. ethical business conduct and responsible sourcing.

The key ambitions and targets have been defined for each focus area in the action plan. Kalmar’s sustainability work also supports the company’s objectives of profitable growth and sustainability.

Kalmar’s Sustainability Policy applies to all Kalmar employees, including the employees of Kalmar’s subsidiaries, as well as suppliers and other business partners according to contract terms. Kalmar’s Sustainability Policy will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.