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As I was ready for new challenges, I joined the Kalmar family in 2020

I have been able to travel to Finland for onboarding, and learning the North European style of working has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of different cultures and perspectives. By getting to know my global colleagues, I have gained more responsibility in various projects, been more involved in product development, and learned a great deal about how to do my work in the best possible way.

The fact that we have upper management who push you forward and trust you by giving you more responsibility is a tremendous asset for all employees. It is humbling to always feel valued and be seen as equals, regardless of our position.

At Kalmar, you are able to have a positive impact

Through my job as a mechanical engineer, I have been in touch with the heart of the company - the products and supply chain - from the very beginning, and I have been a part of the change from traditional engines to battery-powered products. Sustainability has been an essential part of the key processes already for a while, and now it has become increasingly important for our customers, as well. Interactions with our customers are crucial to help us gather insight on how to develop more innovative solutions and improve our processes to better benefit the environment. At Kalmar, you are able to have a positive impact and make changes.

The company culture and supportive atmosphere have had a huge positive impact on my everyday life, as well. I have learned to adopt the lifestyle of my European colleagues, and I have, for example, become more active through hobbies. My new, more positive attitude has helped me progress on a personal level and appreciate every day to the fullest, even when working.

Creativity brings many great opportunities

At Kalmar, we are continuously looking for new ideas and solutions with electrification and automation, amongst other themes. Creative ideas are requested, and people are allowed to bring forth suggestions, which is why I believe that there are many great opportunities for talents. I work in China, but I am able to discuss with colleagues from all over the world. We all contribute as a global team, and we are given chances to voice our creative insights.

Luke’s tips to new talents

Teamwork and collaboration are necessary at Kalmar, but it is also a mindset. Do not hesitate to ask questions: people are always ready to help you with your troubles, and answers can always be found from some function around the world.