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Our impact

The various locations at Kalmar – from an office environment to assembly facilities, service locations and various customer sites – pose different types of risks to our employees’ health and safety. We also impact people’s health and safety through our value chain when they, for example, operate our equipment. Keeping people safe has always been a top priority for us, and we continue to do our utmost to create safe working environments rather than avoiding mistakes.

Health and safety is about people. It is about creating a proper and safe environment for us to collaborate, grow and perform as a company. It is about taking ownership and being proactive, taking the initiative in improving our working environment and the safety of locations where our solutions are used. We want to create safety rather than just prevent injuries (avoid mistakes). This means striving for improvement, enhancing not only safety, but also quality, productivity and satisfaction, all hand in hand.

We work continuously towards a worry-free working environment (psychological and physical safety) in all our operations, and we always prioritise safety - even under time, cost or customer pressure. We are committed to do our utmost to ensure that everyone returns home safe every day. The occupational health and safety management system ISO 45001 provides guidance and support in this work. All our assembly sites are ISO 45001 certified.

To ensure the health and safety of people throughout our value chain, we have related requirements for our suppliers and other business partners. These requirements are described in detail in our Business Partner Code of Conduct.


Our targets and progress

Kalmar’s safety performance improved significantly in 2023. Cargotec’s target for 2024 is to achieve an Industry Injury Frequency Rate (IIFR) <3.2. We are pursuing this goal by focusing on safety leadership and on the development of our safety culture. We also put a special focus on product safety as well as psychological safety and health.