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The statutory external audit for the financial period includes auditing of accounting records, financial statements, and administration. In addition to the auditor’s report issued annually, the auditors report to the Board on their audit findings on a regular basis. Kalmar’s financial period is the calendar year.


According to the Articles of Association, the company has one auditor which must be an audit firm approved by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office, and the principal auditor must be an authorised public accountant. The auditor is elected annually at the AGM for a term expiring at the end of the next AGM. 


The AGM of Cargotec (30 May 2024) elected Ernst & Young Oy as Kalmar’s auditor, in accordance with a proposal by the Board of Directors of Cargotec, for a term expiring at the end of the first Annual General Meeting of Kalmar. Kristina Sandin was appointed the principal auditor by Ernst & Young. Auditors’ fees are compensated against an invoice approved by the company.


In accordance with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD and national legislation related thereto, Kalmar will prepare its first sustainability report for the financial year 2024. The AGM of Cargotec (30 May 2024) elected authorised sustainability auditor Ernst & Young Oy as Kalmar’s sustainability reporting assurance provider in accordance with Chapter 7, Section 6a of the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act. Ernst & Young Oy has notified that Kristina Sandin will act as the responsible sustainability reporting assurance provider. The sustainability reporting assurance provider’s fees will be paid according to an invoice approved by the company.


Auditors’ fees

An overview of audit fees, tax advice fees and other services fees will be provided in 2025 when available.