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At Kalmar, our vision is clear: to become the forerunner in sustainable material handling equipment and services. But to achieve this, we know we need more than just goals. We need people with the right skills, capabilities, and drive.

We at Kalmar believe in fostering growth through a variety of different formats. Whether it's through on-the-job experiences, social interaction, or formal training, we're committed to your development. Also, as part of our learning philosophy, we aim to offer our employees opportunities for internal transfers, job rotations, and involvement in challenging projects and assignments. In our belief, development always starts from an individual's own thirst for growth. That's why, at Kalmar, we prioritise regular development discussions, ensuring that your career aspirations are not just heard but actively supported. 

We see our leaders as coaches, supporting your potential and guiding you towards success within the company. And when it comes to formal training, our comprehensive e-learning platform offers plenty of opportunities, giving you the tools you need to excel.

Unlock your full potential with us at Kalmar. Here, you'll gain a diverse skill set and receive encouragement to advance your career. Regardless of your role or location, we support you in becoming the best version of yourself.