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Kalmar can help you find the optimal solution for your intermodal operations, to maximise your capacity and throughput, driving your journey towards more intelligent and eco-efficient cargo handling. We can do this by providing a proven open automation platform, the broadest range of all-electric equipment, and all the support you need, wherever and whenever you need it.


The right track to cargo handling

With more and more cargo being transported inland, especially by rail, the intermodal segment is assuming an increasingly important role in the global logistics chain. For operators, success rests on maximising capacity and throughput – safely, smartly, and with minimum impact on the environment – and ensuring a smooth transition between marine, road and rail transportation. 

This requires the optimal combination of eco-efficient equipment, intelligent automation, services, and expert support.

We can help you achieve your business goals with a comprehensive range of electrically powered horizontal transportation and lifting equipment, a proven open automation platform that puts you in control, and all the expertise and support you need to optimise your operations and get maximum value from every square foot of space in your terminal.


Optimised operations

  • Kalmar SmartPort is a set of process automation modules and digital services that can be deployed in your terminal to help move containers more efficiently by tracking, routing and managing containers automatically. It helps to optimise productivity, safety, and utilisation rates, and to ensure you never lose another container.
  • Kalmar Insight brings together data from your entire fleet, including equipment built by other manufacturers. It gives you an easy-to-use overview of your fleet operations, by aggregating data from multiple sources. It enables you to take action on real-time information, which will help improve your overall operations immediately.
  • Kalmar Lifetime Services offers a full range of services to help you to plan, maintain and improve your day-to-day operations to secure maximum availability and uptime for your equipment fleet and operating systems.
  • To help maximise your terminal space, Kalmar Terminal Design Services can assess your current terminal design and work with you to identify how it can be optimised to help increase your capacity and throughput.