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Kalmar’s vision is to be a forerunner in sustainable material handling equipment and services

Kalmar offers a wide range of industry shaping heavy material handling equipment and services to ports and terminals, distribution centres, manufacturing industries and heavy logistics.


Business model

Kalmar’s business model is based on an asset-light and mainly assembly-only production footprint and supply chain expertise with a focus on system design of equipment and solutions and leverage of wide network of suppliers.

The outputs of Kalmar’s business model are the products, solutions and services of its business areas, which aim to create added efficiency, safety and sustainability of operations to customers as well as lower their total cost of ownership.


Business segments


The Equipment segment consists of a portfolio of heavy material handling equipment to ports & terminals, distribution centres, manufacturing industries and heavy logistics. The company’s equipment range includes reachstackers, forklift trucks, empty container handlers, terminal tractors, straddle carriers and Bromma spreaders. To meet its customers’ different needs, Kalmar offers its products in many ranges, such as in premium and essential ranges.


The Services segment consists of an offering of solutions aimed at ensuring the uptime and productivity of Kalmar’s equipment. Key offering includes spare parts, logistics services, on-call and contract maintenance services, and lifecycle services, including refurbishments, fleet management and upgrades. Data, analytics and AI have a central role in the services offering.


The Other segment consists of Kalmar’s management and headquarter functions as well as the cost of certain central functions that are not allocated to segments. In addition, activities not included in the Equipment or the Services business areas are included in Other.


A leading position in the heavy material handling market*


countries** that Kalmar sells in


global installed base




service technicians


Eco portfolio sales, % of sales****

*KPMG Market Study.
**Including Kalmar’s dealers.
Carve-out basis, 31 March 2024.
****The equipment and services included in eco portfolio are defined to be either aligned with the EU Taxonomy or expected to be aligned in the near future. Carve-out basis, LTM, Q1/2024.