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Kalmar Diesel-Electric Straddle Carriers - excellent fuel efficiency coupled with high performance.

A Kalmar Diesel-Electric Straddle Carrier offers high performance, excellent fuel efficiency, low noise levels and is known for being very reliable. Featuring a diesel-electric drive, this straddle carrier complies with the latest exhaust emission regulations without compromising on power.

Uncover the wide variety of Kalmar's leading-edge straddle carriers designed to revolutionize your container handling operations. Explore our lineup, including the all-electric straddle carrier, Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carrier, the automated straddle carrier – Kalmar AutoStrad™ and Kalmar Collision Warning System. These state-of-the-art solutions ensure efficient truck loading and unloading, seamless collaboration with other cranes, seamless integration into rail exchanges, and swift transportation of containers to and from reefer stacks.

Unlock the extensive range of benefits and capabilities offered by the Kalmar Straddle Carrier equipment portfolio by visiting this webpage. Embrace the opportunity to revolutionize your container handling and quayside performance today.


Technical information

Technical info Diesel-electric Straddle Carrier
Stacking height (9'6)
3 or 4
10,8 l
Power unit
Automation ready
Hoisting system
Electric winch rope

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