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Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carriers can reduce your fuel bills and emissions by up to 40%.

Lowering your carbon emissions often means compromising on power, but that isn’t the case with a Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carrier. 

The Kalmar Hybrid Straddle Carrier is able to reduce your emission by up to 40% by using a regenerative power system coupled with a highly efficient diesel engine that uses less fuel. You will also benefit from lower noise levels as both our battery powered and hybrid machines are incredibly quiet. It is an ideal choice for cost-conscious and eco-friendly businesses in the industry, making your container handling operation more competitive.


Technical information

Technical info Hybrid Straddle Carrier
Stacking height (9'6)
3 or 4
4,4 l
Power unit
Automation ready
Hoisting system
Electric winch rope

Why choose a Kalmar Straddle Carrier?

  • Kalmar Straddle Carriers are highly productive as they can handle two containers at a time and stack up to four containers high, lifting up to 60 tonnes.

  • You get a choice of highly efficient power units with our Electric Straddle Carrier producing zero emissions at source.

  • Kalmar Straddle Carriers have the strongest frame in the industry with a streamlined yet extremely rigid design which requires no external bracing.

  • For manual operations our Straddle Carriers are fitted with an ergonomically designed cabin that puts everything in easy reach of your operators.

  • All of our straddle carriers are easy and safe to service and have servicing intervals of up to 1000 hours.

  • Your operators will stay safe and in control at all times, as our whole range of straddle carriers are fitted with an active stability control system, continually monitoring speed, turning radius and spreader position and prevents accelerating your straddle carrier when required.

  • Our electric and hybrid range of straddle carriers also feature a rope hoist system with only eight pulleys, making them highly efficient, safer and easier to maintain than other lifting system alternatives.

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