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Experience the ease of automation with an automated straddle carrier terminal

With only a single piece of equipment required for the automation of your quay, stack and landside operations, an automated straddle terminal can be realised simply, with low risks and in a short timeframe.

Automation can streamline your operations and make them even more competitive. Other significant benefits include longer servicing intervals and the virtual elimination of lost-time injuries. You can also avoid the need for road markings and nighttime lighting.


More flexibility for your operations with Kalmar AutoStrad™

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All-in-one automation

An automated straddle carrier terminal combines stacking and transportation capabilities.

Straddle carrier operations are typically suited for medium-sized terminals. When increased volumes require a higher stacking density, the automated straddle carriers can still provide transportation to an automated stacking crane. This also makes the straddle carriers suited for use in larger facilities where ASCs are deployed.

You can achieve the transition from a manual to an automated straddle carrier terminal without any temporary drop in capacity and throughput. We can future-proof straddle carriers during manufacturing by configuring them for both manual and fully automated operation, giving you the freedom to move towards automation at your own pace.

Although automation is more straightforward at greenfield terminals, it is possible to convert existing – or brownfield – terminals to partial or full automation. Transition can be done in different phases or as a big bang.

The automated straddle carrier application is based on the Kalmar One automation system providing state-of-the-art vehicle navigation controls, advanced equipment control and all the tools required for smooth operations. This intelligent technology makes the automated straddles the most flexible way to realise an automated terminal.

Fully automated container flow with automated truck handling (ATH)

With the automated truck handling (ATH) feature, you can take the level of automation one step further. ATH enables a a fully automated container flow between quay cranes and trucks by automating the last stage of the landside operations – the final placement of containers onto road trucks. The feature is available for both Kalmar yard cranes and Kalmar’s horizontal transportation offering. 

ATH automates the placement of containers from automated straddle carriers onto trucks in the terminal’s truck interchange zones. A Truck Lane Measurement System (TLMS) is used to measure the truck’s profile, location and the container positions available, while a camera imaging system is used for fine positioning when placing the container onto the truck. ATH improves the safety, predictability and cost-efficiency of terminal operations by eliminating the need for personnel to be present in the truck interchange zones. Read more about automated truck handling here >>