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Kalmar is committed to ensure our business partners conduct business respecting people, society and the environment. We support our suppliers in reaching a higher maturity level in sustainability topics, such as reducing emissions, promoting resource efficiency and respecting human rights. We also require suppliers to comply with sustainability-related regulations, which often go beyond what is required by local regulation.

During 2024, our responsible sourcing-related target is to achieve:

  • Improved transparency and maturity level of suppliers (Supplier Assessment Questionnaire score > 60%)


Focus areas

Our key priorities in responsible sourcing include decarbonisation, reducing hazardous substances used in our products, sourcing critical minerals responsibly, and due diligence (identifying, stopping, preventing, mitigating and remedying adverse impacts on people and the environment). More concretely, we actively work on the following areas with set KPIs.


  • Supplier engagement to continuously collect detailed data to improve the accuracy of our sourcing emissions reporting, identify improvement actions, and raise sustainability awareness among our suppliers.

  • Collaboration with our top steel structure suppliers to find alternative low(er) carbon steel sources.

Hazardous substances management

  • Creation of transparency in hazardous substances and substances of very high concern.

  • Reduction of such substances in our products over time.

Supplier Sustainability assessments

  • Business Partner Code of Conduct compliance and transparency throughout the supply chain.

Responsible minerals

  • Creation of transparency in the minerals that enter our supply chain, thus enabling us to ensure that they are coming from conflict-free sources. 

    Conflict minerals statement (EN) 


Business Partner Code of Conduct