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Complying with ethical standards and laws is the starting point for all our actions and decisions at Kalmar, and it is a key element of our sustainability vision. We operate in a complex global environment, and our industry is exposed to many ethics and compliance risks. With our strong approach to integrity and governance, we strive to set an example for stakeholders throughout our value chain.


Code of Conduct and Speaking up

Our Code of Conduct sets the foundation for how business is done at Kalmar. We encourage everyone to discuss compliance concerns and to seek guidance when in doubt. Our channels for reporting a concern include:

  • Discussing directly with the line manager (primary channel for employees)

  • Informing HR or the Ethics and Compliance functions

  • Kalmar’s SpeakUp line is an externally hosted channel that is available to anyone to report suspicions of misconduct in a safe and confidential way. It is an early warning system for Kalmar to respond to potential problems, reduce risk and build trust within and outside of the organisation. Access the SpeakUp line to make a report at

Dedicated Ethics & Compliance Team

Kalmar’s dedicated Ethics and Compliance (E&C) team of experienced professionals drives Kalmar’s E&C programme, conducts regular E&C risk assessments, administers the SpeakUp channels, and ensures that reported concerns are handled independently, promptly and professionally. The E&C function also oversees Kalmar’s third-party export controls programmes and provides E&C guidance and support to the whole organisation.

Regular Training

All employees receive training on the Code of Conduct when they join the company and on selected topics annually. Colleagues who are exposed to heightened risks in their work, for example relating to bribery and corruption, receive additional targeted education.

Third Party Risks

Kalmar’s robust third-party business partner programme ensures that all partners are appropriately vetted and managed in a risk-based manner. Sales partners like dealers, distributors and agents are subject to extra onboarding controls and oversight, to ensure they are engaged only for legitimate business purposes. They receive heightened screening, additional compliance training and monitoring, and are always engaged transparently using Kalmar’s standardised business partner contracts.

Management Oversight

Kalmar’s E&C governance model connects the E&C function directly to senior management and the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors, to apprise them of the state of the E&C programme, existing and emerging compliance risks, and the status of reported concerns and investigations.


Kalmar Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct (English)                                                             Code of Conduct (Finnish)


Additional language versions will be made available in the near future.