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Kalmar Genuine Parts

Buy Kalmar spare parts through our MyParts web store or find your local parts dealer.

Keep your business moving with Kalmar Genuine Parts.

Kalmar offers an extensive range of genuine parts that can either be bought through our webstore 24/7, MyParts or through our global dealer network. You can apply for a MyParts account here, or find your local dealer here.


Ordering genuine parts online is quick and easy with Kalmar MyParts.


MyParts will save you time and money as ordering is quick and easy and all your spare part requirements can now be managed in one place, no matter what the time or where you are in the world. Apply now.

How do I order the right part for my equipment?

Once you are registered with MyParts your Kalmar equipment will automatically be assigned to your account; making ordering the right part easier and quicker.

You will find an extensive list of parts like filters, tyres, rims and service kits that are compatible with your equipment to choose from. 

With MyParts you can:


  • Order the required part quickly and easily
  • Make sure the part is compatible with your equipment so you have the confidence it is exactly the right part, every time 
  • See special and promotional pricing and save
  • Track your order 
  • Share your order with other people or systems.


What else does MyParts offer?

Aside from searching and ordering your parts there are many other advantages in using MyParts:

  • Orders can be shared with other team members to add to or authorise your order
  • A complete record is held of all your previous orders for you to access at any time
  • Your parts ordering information can be exported from MyParts into other systems to avoid mistakes and having to double enter data
  • You can access your equipment parts catalogue when you need a complete overview of your equipment’s parts requirements.


Kalmar MyParts has been designed to make your life easier.

Start saving time and money by applying today.


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Ordering genuine parts online is quick and easy with Kalmar MyParts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Kalmar spare parts?

All of Kalmar’s spare parts are designed specifically for each individual machine and must meet both Kalmar’s and the original parts manufacturer’s exacting standard.  This ensures that the spare part you purchase from Kalmar will do the job it is required to do without compromising the operational efficiency of your equipment.

Can I buy service kits for my Kalmar equipment?

To keep your equipment running optimally, Kalmar offers a range of service kits that can be ordered through our on-line web store MyParts that have all the parts in them required for key service intervals.

How do I know I am ordering the right spare part?

If you don’t know the part number, you can search in your specific machine’s parts catalogue or parts list, which has all your parts reference numbers for your machine, so you know you are ordering exactly the right part every time.

How else can we help keep your equipment serviced and maintained?

Kalmar also offers a range of service support packages. We can assist you with your maintenance activities with an extra set of hands, or take full responsibility for keeping your equipment serviced and running optimally. We can also look at managing part or all your parts inventory. Speak to your local Kalmar Sales Support Team to find out how we can help your equipment keep moving.

Where can I buy genuine Kalmar spare parts?

Genuine Kalmar Spare Parts can be bought through your local Kalmar contact, our online webstore MyParts or through our global dealer network. Buying Kalmar spare parts through other channels doesn’t guarantee you are getting genuine spare parts.

Why are Kalmar Spare Parts better?

The only way to guarantee that any replacement part purchased is exactly the same as the original factory fitted part in your Kalmar equipment is to buy a genuine spare part from Kalmar which matches the required manufacturers specifications exactly - from either our webshop or through our global dealer network.

Can I use non genuine parts on my Kalmar equipment?

Servicing and maintaining your machine with Kalmar genuine spare parts keeps your equipment running efficiently and safely, which you can’t guarantee with other parts. It’s also important to note that during your equipment’s warranty period that only Kalmar spare parts should be used when maintaining your equipment.