Whether they are required for planned maintenance or unexpected repairs, spare parts are crucial to the smooth operation of Kalmar equipment. The range of parts extends to more than 500,000 individual items, each of which fulfils a vital function.

Kalmar's spare parts distribution infrastructure includes a worldwide inventory network and presence which ensures global and local availability of parts, and demand planning to ensure customers get what they need. 

Fast deliveries

Jari Korteniemi, Director of Integrated Logistics & Planning at Kalmar notes that customers have several channels for ordering spare parts, including online through MyParts and via equipment connectivity-based automated ordering solutions.

“Depending on the customer’s location and the parts they require, orders can be delivered as soon as early the next day, although bulky, oversized and/or hazardous items, such as batteries, have limited transport options, which may mean longer transit times,” he says.

Kalmar original spares are manufactured to the highest engineering standards and protect the residual value of the customer’s equipment.

There are several benefits to Kalmar customers of an efficient parts distribution network

Minimised operational down time

Korteniemi observes that there are several benefits to Kalmar customers of an efficient parts distribution network. “These include minimised operational down time, assurance that the right parts will be delivered at the right time, flexibility and traceability through delivery options and customer support, and customised packaging and transport options ensuring that parts are delivered safely and in optimal condition.”

Stocking large volumes of spare parts on-site is not the best use of capital and doesn’t guarantee that the right parts will be available when needed. This is why Kalmar offers a Parts Care service which provides end-to-end visibility over the spare parts processes, creating a plan based on a thorough assessment of the installed base and operational data to improve parts availability and the efficiency of the customer’s parts management processes.