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Automated RTG Application

New degrees of freedom

Rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) cranes are the most popular equipment choice for container stacking at terminals around the world, especially where high-capacity stacking and good manoeuvrability are key requirements. How far you take automation will depend on your application requirements, and at Kalmar we give you the freedom to choose the mix that’s right for you, from fully manual to semi-automated or highly automated. Kalmar RTGs are the most efficient on the market in terms of both performance and energy consumption. We offer traditional, hybrid and electric models, as well as horizontal transportation with the Kalmar Terminal Tractors.

Path to RTG automation webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about RTG automation

Safety first

RTGs combine high stacking density with excellent manoeuvrability, making them a great fit for both medium-sized and larger terminals. The flexibility of RTG operation comes from the capability to change the operating stack, and with the safe Kalmar AutoRTG sideframe design, this can be done safer than ever. Safety is our first design principle in all automated solutions, and with modern technology, high level of automation is also available wirelessly. 

Kalmar’s automation system Kalmar One enables job management and routing for RTGs. The onboard system guides the crane to its next position, either in semi-automated mode with the driver manually feeding in commands or automatically when interface to TOS has been set up. Safety can be further improved with anti-truck lifting (which prevents a locked chassis from being accidentally lifted), and stack profiling (which eliminates the risk of containers being accidentally knocked off the stack). 


Expanding employment opportunities with automated RTG operations in Belfast

Kalmar's AutoRTG technology has set Belfast Container Terminal (BCT) firmly on a path towards a more efficient and environmentally sustainable future. Although the system is built from the very best in advanced automation technology, there is a very human angle to every aspect of its operation – as there is in the decades-long relationship between Kalmar and BCT.

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Future-proofing automated RTG operations at Dublin Ferryport Terminals

The Kalmar AutoRTG system is the dynamic, efficient heart of the container terminal operations at Dublin Ferryport Terminals (DFT). DFT recently decided to extend its cooperation with Kalmar with the addition of two new automated cranes that will further enhance the safety and efficiency of DFT’s operations.

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