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From container handling to industrial, intermodal, and barge applications, explore the reliable and robust Gloria range.

Lifting equipment that helps drive efficiency and reduce downtime

Our Gloria Range of Reachstackers is the result of all the years of experience we’ve gathered since we pioneered the world’s first commercial reachstacker in the 80s. Now we’ve taken it a step further, increasing efficiency and reducing downtime so you can lift, stack, and handle containers with ease. Because the most important thing we’ve learned through all these years is that it all comes down to one thing: keeping your business on the move, no matter what. 


All Kalmar counter balanced machines, including reachstackers, empty container handlers and forklifts have been updated to meet safety standard EN 1175:2020 to ensure that working with a Kalmar machine is as safe as it can be.

Technical information

Technical info Kalmar DRG420–450 - Container handling Kalmar DRG500-700 - Industrial handling
Lifting capacity (lbs)
max 99000 max 154000
Wheel base (inches)
236" - 295" 256" - 295"
Cab options
Stacking (toplift)
max 6 high, 4 deep -
Volvo 265 kW/285 kW, Cummins 246 kW Volvo 265 kW/285 kW, Cummins 246 kW
Stage emission
EU3/Tier 3, EU4/Tier 4F, EU5, KMOE5 EU3/Tier 3, EU4/Tier 4F, EU5, KMOE5
ZF 5WG, Dana TE-30500 ZF 5WG, Dana TE-30500
Toplift (yard & barge), Intermodal Tool carrier, Lifting hook


What can you expect from the Kalmar Gloria Range of Reachstackers?

  • Continuously improved performance and availability levels across the complete range of reach stackers.
  • An ergonomically designed reach stacker cabin that’s more comfortable and safer for your operators.
  • A range of reach stackers and options that can help reduce your carbon emissions.
  • A more connected experience and a range of digital support services.


How have we improved the availability of the Gloria Reachstacker Range?

With our latest generation of reachstackers, we’ve managed to boost performance once again with newly designed integrated components and improved operator interfaces.

Here’s how we did it:

  • Improved components: As an example, our new segmented wiring makes maintenance and replacement simpler and quicker. And with fewer exposed components there is less wear on wiring, hydraulics, and other connectors, improving the reliability and availability of your Kalmar Reachstacker.
  • Proactive monitoring: Kalmar was the world’s first manufacturer to use CAN-bus technology as a standard, as it automatically locates failures, compensating with backup bus wires and connectors before the fault can affect your reach stacker. The result, is less downtime when handling materials of moving containers.
  • Easier to service: All major service points are accessible from the ground and the engine bay has removable top covers, making it quicker and safer to perform routine checks and maintenance tasks on your reach stacker.


Will your drivers benefit from our new EGO Reachstacker Cabin?

Keeping your drivers safe and comfortable is not only good for your drivers, it is also good for business. Which is why each of our Gloria Reachstackers is fitted with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin, giving your drivers a safer and more comfortable work environment.

We have improved the operator’s visibility with an open cabin design for optimised visibility at all angles. Smart profiles and curved windows combine to give exceptionally strong forward, diagonal, and rearward visibility. A range of optional cameras are available that can be mounted in different positions on your reachstacker to improve the operator’s visibility of their
operating environment.

In addition, every EGO Reachstacker Cabin is fitted with an adjustable seat, high capacity wipers, an ergonomically designed joystick and steering wheel, comfort pedals to reduce leg strain, a climate package to keep your operators comfortable, and an adjustable work console and an intuitive user interface to make life easier.


A range of reachstackers ready to handle any load

The reliability, robustness, and success of Gloria’s platform have allowed us to extend our initial offering to meet a variety of material and container handling needs. Initially designed as a top loader to handle containers, Gloria now comes in models that have been specifically designed for industrial, intermodal, and barge handling applications. Gloria’s family has been further expanded with the addition of the Kalmar Eco Reachstacker and the Kalmar Electric Reachstacker.

The Gloria Range of Reachstackers gives you plenty of choices, which reach stacker is right for your business is dependent on your container lifting or material handling needs.

Toplift – DRG450S: with a lifting capacity of up to 45 tonnes this reach stacker has been designed to move and handle containers with ease.

Barge Handler– DRG450S: with a lifting capacity of up to 45 tons offering a negative lift with a capacity of 27 tons in the 4th row.

Intermodal – DRG450C: our intermodal reach stacker is able to handle laden truck trailers and work on the second rail line, lifting loads up to 45 tonnes.

Lift Hook – DRG570-1300Z: our reach stacker fitted with a lift hook can move a variety of different loads weighing up to 130 tonnes, making them ideal for shifting very heavy loads that are commonplace in the steel and wind industries.

Tool Carrier DRG500-650A: lifting loads of 65 tonnes, our Gloria Reachstacker with a tool carrier can be fitted with a variety of attachments to meet your lifting needs, talk to us to work out which attachment is most suited to your business.


Enhance your safety and eco-efficiency

Kalmar offers a wide range of options that can further enhance your eco-efficiency, productivity and safety of your reachstacker.


Need parts or service support for your reach stacker?

Kalmar offers a large range of support services through MyKalmar where you can order easily. You can also access Kalmar Insight, which is our fleet performance tool. There is also a range of flexible service and support contracts which can be tailored to your exact needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Kalmar Gloria Range use HVO?

Kalmar Stage 3, 4 & 5 Gloria Range of Reachstackers with Volvo diesel fuelled engines are certified to use HVO Fuel, which complies with EN 15940 standard. By switching to HVO Fuel you will cut your CO2 emissions by up to 90% from day one.

To find out more about HVO click here.

How do I measure the performance of my Gloria Reachstacker?

Kalmar Insight can provide you with operational information on your Kalmar Gloria Reachstacker to review and analyse, so you can measure the performance in real time and make operational decisions to help improve performance. Kalmar Insight can also help you manage maintenance tasks across your fleet more effectively with the Kalmar Insight Maintenance Module. To find out more click here.

Is the Kalmar Gloria Range of Reachstackers SOLAS compliant?

You can have any of the Kalmar Gloria Range of Reachstackers fitted with the Kalmar Load Measurement System, which records the precise weight of every load your reach stacker handles or lifts and records this information automatically in Kalmar Insight, which is critical if you are handling or stacking containers. This system is SOLAS compliant and can also be fitted to most other reach stackers.

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