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RTG electrification

Cut fuel consumption and emissions by electrifying your rubber-tyred gantry cranes.

Optimisation is all about getting better value from your existing equipment, and when it comes to rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) electrification offers a fantastic opportunity to do just that. Fuel costs are one of the main factors determining your total cost per move, and electrifying your diesel-powered RTGs can significantly reduce both fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Give your RTGs a new lease of life.

Converting your RTGs from diesel to electric delivers not only substantial cost savings, but environmental benefits too. Electrification will help your terminal meet the rigorous emissions and environmental standards that are becoming a more significant part of everyday business life.

Electrification is also the first step on the road to automated terminal solutions. You just need to choose which type of electrification system is right for you: conductor line or cable reel.

Why a cable reel system?

With a cable reel system you could benefit from a smaller overall yard size as you won’t need to install a fixed conductor line. This system gives you more flexibility when extending your stack length, while the cables are also capable of carrying high-speed data for remote monitoring and future automation.

Why a conductor line system?

Conductor line conversions are ideal if you regularly need to move your RTGs between container blocks. This type of system makes it easy to add or remove cranes within the same block and change the lanes being used, and also provides easy access at the stack ends. What’s more, just like with a cable reel system, the cables used are also capable of carrying high-speed data.

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