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Reachstackers Options

- Improve cargo handling operations.

Reachstackers Options.

Kalmar has an extensive list of options available that can help to improve operational safety or lower your fuel consumption. You choose which are right for you.


Important information

Check with your local Kalmar team to make sure which option is available for your Kalmar Reachstacker model.

Choose the right option for you.

Central Greasing System.

By having automatic central lubrication, you save both time and maintenance. The system assures that all grease points covered by the system get enough lubricants, and no time must be put on this in the daily inspection. Having all intended covered joints properly greased reduces the wear and tear over time on your unit.

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Camera Safety Solution.

A modular set-up containing different options that can be combined to cover any supervision system needed in a reachstacker or empty container handler:

  • Std and twist-lock camera;
  • Radar proximity sensors;
  • HD split-screen displays (7" and 10");
  • Video recording with internal storage capacity and WiFi connectivity.

Reduced Steering Radius System.

By reducing the overall steering radius of your reachstacker you will reduce wear and tear, extending the life of your tires.

Fire Suppression System.

To protect your operator and machine from fire you can fit a fire suppression system to your machine. The system utilises multiple spray nozzles that release a high-pressure water mist where the fire has been detected from a re-chargeable water tank. This can be activated manually or automatically through an in-cabin temperature sensor.


To ensure that your driver is at their best when operating your equipment, you can install an Alco-lock system. This system makes sure that the driver meets alcohol blood level standards before being able to start the machine, much like a breathalyser.

Additional Lighting.

Extra lighting, particularly if you operate your machine at night, as you can bring greater operational visibility and safety for personnel working on the site. You can choose additional LED working lamps on specific positions:

  • 2 or 4 on the front mudguards
  • 2, 4 or 6 on the lift boom
  • 2 or 4 on the spreader
  • 2 more on the rear counterweight.