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Central Greasing System

Keep everything running smoothly.

The Kalmar Central Greasing System can help to reduce maintenance time and costs.

Reduce wear and tear.

The Kalmar Central Greasing System ensures that your equipment’s key components are always fully lubricated, no matter where they are or how difficult they are to access.

By keeping all your important components well lubricated, you will reduce the wear and tear they are subjected to. This in turn reduces your servicing and replacement parts costs, as parts will last longer and need less maintenance. Less downtime also means your equipment will be available more often, allowing you to increase your overall productivity levels.


What equipment can it be used for? 

Central Greasing System is available for: 

  • Reachstackers

  • Forklift Trucks

  • Empty Container Handlers

  • Terminal Tractors


It can be fitted onto both Kalmar machines and equipment from other manufacturers. Contact us to verify the upgrade availability for your fleet.

How does it work?

The Kalmar Central Greasing System consists primarily of a central lubrication pump, reservoir and distributor lines. The central lubrication pump and reservoir are mounted externally on the machine with the distributor lines feeding directly to distributors located at the individual lubrication points. These distributors then lubricate the required components as needed. The lubrication reservoir needs to be checked daily, and if reserves of lubricant are low it can quickly and safely be filled as the reservoir is mounted in an easily accessible external position.

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