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Unlock cost-effective container handling with the Kalmar DRU450.

Quality, reliability and efficiency at a great price

With over 11,000 reachstackers already built on our reliable and robust G-Generation platform, the Kalmar Essential Reachstacker DRU450 will deliver everything you expect from Kalmar, for a great price. With four different reach stacker container lifting capacities available, you can choose which is right for your day-to-day operations.


All Kalmar counter balanced machines, including reachstackers, empty container handlers and forklifts have been updated to meet safety standard EN 1175:2020 to ensure that working with a Kalmar machine is as safe as it can be.

Technical information

Technical info Kalmar DRU450
Lifting capacity (kg)
Wheel base (mm)
Cab options
Stacking (toplift)
max 6 high, 4 deep
Volvo 235 kW/265 kW, Cummins 246 kW
Stage emission
EU3/Tier 3, EU4/Tier 4F, EU5, KMOE5
DANA TE-30500


Highly efficient

Our Essential Reachstacker comes fitted with load sensing hydraulics as standard and there is a range of the latest generation of engines and transmissions to choose from. You will get a highly efficient and powerful machine that uses less fuel and produces less emissions, costing you less, while maintaining productivity.


Reduce your running costs

You will benefit from a 10-20% reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions over our previous generation of reach stackers, as we have combined the latest 5-speed DANA TE-30500 transmission, which is designed especially for heavy duty material handling applications, with 5 gears instead of 4 gears and the newest highly efficient engine technology, in either:

  • EU3/Tier 3,
  • EU4/Tier 4F, or
  • EU5/Korea Stage V compliant alternatives.

Giving you significant reductions in energy loss from the gearbox and fuel consumed from the engine, you get a smart solution that will cost you less in the long run.


A cabin made for the driver

The Essential Cabin has been ergonomically designed so everything is in easy reach for your drivers. You get a choice of:

  • joysticks that will increase operational safety and control, as all movements are managed from one point
  • a cabin mounted in one position or mounted on rails so it can be moved hydraulically while in operation.

Our Essential Cabin also benefits from a new climate control package. This system has extra strong fans, so condensation can be removed quickly, and a comfortable operating environment is maintained for your drivers.


Keeping your drivers safe

The safety of your drivers is of critical importance, which is why our Essential Reachstackers come with many more safety features fitted as standard than other machines available in the market.

Here are some of the safety features that are fitted as standard to help keep your driver safe:

  • Extra safe access to the cabin with non-slip surfaces and extra safety rails that allow your operator to meet the 3-point contact rule.
  • There are doors on both sides of the cabin in case your operator needs to evacuate the cabin in case of an emergency.
  • Excellent visibility from the cabin, giving your operator a much better view forwards and upwards.
  • 2-point seat belts fitted to keep your operator secure.
  • Openable side window in the cabin for easy communication.
  • Rear-view mirrors mounted on the front mudguards so your operator can see behind him or her easily.
  • Overload protection system that will warn the driver if the load exceeds the specified limits.
  • LED lights as standard, for better visibility when working in reduced light.
  • Kalmar designed steering axle with extra wide tracking for increased stability.
  • A fail-safe seat switch that will not allow the machine to be started without the operator in the seat.
  • An electrically operated hand brake that is automatically applied as soon as your engine is turned off, bringing your machine to a complete stop.


Reduce your carbon emission by up to 90%

Kalmar Essential Reachstackers fitted with either a Volvo or Cummins engine are certified to use HVO fuel which can reduce your carbon emission by up to 90%.

If you already own a Kalmar Reachstacker, you just need to discuss with your local Kalmar support team if your equipment needs a minor upgrade, or if it is ready to start using HVO straight away.

To find out more about HVO click here.


Handle bulk materials with ease

Our range of Essential Reachstackers can be fitted with a tilting spreader that allows you to handle containerised bulk materials easily. With the ability to tilt lengthways or sideways up to 55 degrees and to shake the contents of 20, 30 or 40ft containers free, you will be able to handle bulk materials quickly and efficiently. Kalmar’s tilting spreader is also able to open either the side door or the top hatch to ready the container for emptying. The Kalmar Essential Reachstacker can handle loads up to 32 tonnes in tilt mode and 45 tonnes in standard lifting mode when fitted with a special tilting spreader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kalmar sell spare parts for reach stackers?

Kalmar MyParts offers a full range of genuine spare parts including service kits and tyres. Parts can be ordered on our webshop and delivered to you quickly. Kalmar Care also offers a full range of service and support contracts that can be tailored to your specific needs to keep your reach stacker running optimally.

What are load sensing hydraulics?

Kalmar’s Load Sensing Hydraulic System measures your reach stacker’s load and automatically generates the required amount of power to lift or lower it efficiently; delivering you the power you need while reducing the energy consumed. Cutting costs and carbon emissions.

Can I track the performance of my reach stacker?

Data from your reach stacker can be sent in real-time to Kalmar Insight, which you can review and analyse, allowing you to take immediate actions that will help improve the effectiveness of your operations. Kalmar Insight can also help you manage maintenance tasks across your fleet more effectively, with the Kalmar Insight Maintenance Module. To find out more click here.

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