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Kalmar Software and Maintenance Support

Lifetime support ensures smooth operations

Our continuous improvement and lifecycle support ensures that the lifecycle of your automation solutions will not be constrained by the ever shortening third party environment and component lifecycle. With our Software and Maintenance Support you will get clearly defined service level agreement (SLA) with response and resolution times including 24/7 support for priority-1 issues. Additionally we will provide new software versions according to our development roadmap with error fixes, functionality enhancements and compatibility updates to ensure that your operations will run smoothly without interruptions throughout the lifetime of our products. 

Once you have a Software Maintenance and Support agreement in place you can also subscribe to our Remote Services offering. With Kalmar Remote Services you can access our deep pool of experience and expertise no matter where you are in the world. Our team will help identify the root cause of your automation system issue and the appropriate action to take. Limiting downtime and disruptions.

Automated terminal operations and your long-term ROI rely on high-quality software which is adapting to changes in the surrounding automation ecosystem and your personnel’s ability to use the software efficiently.