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“If you want to make things happen, join us.”

Zhang ShushuZhang ShuShu

Vice-President, Kalmar China, Shenzhen, China

When I was a fresh graduate, I wanted to be a speechwriter, to get valuable and precise information communicated and help people understand each other. Today, my job as the Head of Kalmar China is, in a way, very similar to a communications professional – With the team, I develop and crystallize our strategy, make it widely understood and accepted, motivate everyone to join in and make it happen.

I joined the company back in 2011, as a Senior Communications Manager for Cargotec Asia Pacific. Two years later, I became the Head of Marketing and Communications of Kalmar APAC, and soon after, I took an additional role as Head of Account Management Operations for Kalmar China. Now, I manage Kalmar China’s frontline operations.

On a daily basis, I work with the team to manage and develop Kalmar’s day-to-day operations, services and sales in China. The best part of my job is solving problems; seeing the value we create together as a team by solving our customers, partners or colleagues’ issues is what motivates me. It’s a great feeling when you see that your work makes a positive change and that these changes will have a lasting impact.

What makes Kalmar unique is that our work enables global trade and everyday life. The work is busy and can be tough, but it’s also great fun and rewarding, and you really have the chance to make a difference. That’s important for me, and I take great pride in it. At Kalmar, we respect cultural differences and appreciate different voices. We value trainings and expertise. We are committed to people development. We build our machines to last, but we also build our brand to last, and in terms of people development, it’s exactly the same philosophy.

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