Local requirements, legislative imperatives, and investor expectations—not to mention reduced total cost of ownership—form the impetus behind a transition to more eco-efficient operations. One of the most effective means of improvement is reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

In keeping with Kalmar’s commitment to the 1.5°C Corporate Net-Zero Standard, every machine type that we produce can now be had as a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV). Terminal tractors are no exception. “While it’s a big point for us internally, obviously there are a lot of reasons why fleets will be out  looking for these options as well,” explains Jacob Sipple during a recent webinar on Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractors.

Attractive total cost of ownership

Electrifying a fleet involves a certain amount of complexity. Charging equipment needs to be installed, electricity supply needs to be evaluated and possibly upgraded, power needs to be managed, a charging timetable needs to be created, and training will be required.

But electrification can make dollars and cents even without government incentives. The more that ZEV tractors are used, the faster you will recoup your investment. 

At 4,000 working hours per year, the total investment payback timeline on a Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor is around five years. With incentives, it can be as little as one year. Kalmar dealers can help you work through the numbers, diesel versus electric, for each of your locations. 

Massive torque, round-the-clock uptime

The Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor line is manufactured for Kalmar by Lonestar Specialty Vehicles in Texarkana, Texas. Our first electric terminal tractor trial took place in 2019, and after years of extensive testing and refinement, Kalmar is pleased to offer two models, the TX12 and the TX22. 

Both models use a vertically-integrated drivetrain from Dana, including a no-maintenance Dana TM4 motor that produces 1,275 more foot-pounds of torque than a Cummins 6.7L diesel engine. 

The difference between the two models is not power, but run time. The TX12 carries a battery capacity of 112 kWh, which enables it to work for approximately 12 hours without charging. The TX22 has a capacity of 224 kWh and can work for approximately 22 hours straight. 

Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractors can certainly work for a very long time without the need to recharge. When charging is required, fast charging (as opposed to slow charging) will recharge the TX12 to 90 percent of battery capacity in less than one hour, while the TX22 takes less than two hours. 

But by opportunistically fast-charging at lunch breaks and shift changes, rather than allowing battery State of Charge (SOC) to deplete over many hours, both models can be kept running around the clock with no loss in productivity. 

Fast charging also reduces the number of charging stations needed when charging schedules are staggered. And since the TX comes equipped with industry-standard J1772/CCS1 charging protocols, it can use the same chargers as other types of EVs. 

Temperatures vary greatly across the Americas, and extreme highs and lows can affect battery longevity and performance. To counter this, the TX comes with a battery thermal management system that promotes charge preservation, high power and long battery life—even in arctic temperatures. 

Knowledge from data

Collecting real-time information is the key to analysis and continuous improvement. With industrial EVs, tracking data is also important from a compliance perspective, especially with respect to  government grant reporting requirements. 

Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractors come with a suite of telematics, which enables you to harvest all kinds of data for reporting and for workplace improvements. Telematics data are also useful when trialing a Kalmar tractor. If you want to get a real sense of the vehicle’s performance, metrics from a demo will clearly show how Kalmar tractors perform versus competitors’. 

Another differentiating factor is the Kalmar dealer network. “One of the biggest advantages of Kalmar itself and this product is the support,” explains Mease. “The dealer network that Kalmar has is by far the best in the country.” 

To get started with Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractors, visit the Kalmar TX section of Kalmar Global to find your local dealer for more information.  

Watch the 20-minute Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor webinar