“This sale strongly demonstrates Kalmar’s value proposition,” observes Elton Lima, Sales Executive, Kalmar Brazil. “TCP has always appreciated Kalmar equipment. In this instance they like the quality and specs of our T2is, our lead time, our commercial conditions, our parts availability and our after-sales service. We met with TCP many times over the course of the tender process, which resulted in the best solution possible.”

They like the quality and specs of our T2is, our lead time, our pricing, our parts availability and our after-sales service

Lígia da Luz Fontes Bahr, Manager, Engineering & Procurement at TCP, agrees: “Kalmar’s proven, reliable T2i Terminal Tractor meets our operational needs as we expand the equipment fleet at the terminal to improve productivity and cope with growing demand. We were impressed by the level of sales support from the Kalmar team during the decision-making process and the fast lead time.”

The right tractor in the right timeframe

With 3 models of terminal tractor to choose from, TCP had the luxury of choice with Kalmar. What ultimately steered them to the T2i was certification and lead time. TCP operations require equipment with a falling object protective structure (FOPS) cabin certificate, which the T2i carries. And since they needed the tractors quickly, the T2i was the logical choice.

We were able to deliver all 17 tractors in 14 weeks 

Greater efficiency, smoother operations

The Kalmar T2i model has many advantages, starting with its compact 3.2-metre wheelbase for greater manoeuvrability, reduced cabin noise, smoother gear changing and more responsive steering and braking. Improved hydraulics enable drivers to move loads more quickly, with faster 5th wheel lifting and lowering speeds. 

The new tractors also have three days of uninterrupted operations, twice the working period of existing tractors. “The update of the TCP terminal tractor fleet will bring more efficiency to terminal operations, as well as ensure greater security for our employees,” says Nicolas Wang, TCP Superintendent of Operations and Safety.

The update of the TCP terminal tractor fleet will bring more efficiency to terminal operations

One very important factor for TCP’s port application was the T2i’s reinforced chassis and strong axles construction, since container impacts are common. The tractor’s cab is particularly easy to access, via a ladder on the left or right side of the cab, with a door that opens behind the cab—convenient in tight spaces.

Local support, on-demand parts

Another deciding factor in the sale was Kalmar’s ability to support the TCP operations team with service and parts sales. From Kalmar’s base in Santa Catarina state, some 200 kilometres from the terminal, Kalmar can quickly provide technical expertise as required, as well as dependable on-demand parts delivery.

While Kalmar representatives visited the TCP team during the tender process, TCP personnel also got better acquainted with Kalmar operations. Two TCP engineers travelled with Kalmar representatives to the T2i factory in Stargard, Poland and to the Kalmar Innovation Center in Ljungby, Sweden. They saw the manufacturing process first-hand, operated the tractor in our testing yard and learned about electrification and decarbonisation projects, which are strategic focuses at Kalmar.

As part of the sale, TCP is receiving access to Kalmar Insight. The telemetry solution enables maintenance personnel to remotely monitor each machine, checking fuel levels, engine status and anything that might require corrective maintenance.