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Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor - Product Overview Webinar

Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor - Product Overview Webinar
Webinar duration: 20 minutes
Introducing the Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor that produces less noise, vibrations, fumes, and emissions than a traditionally fueled machine, making it safer and healthier for your driver to operate and achieve higher levels of productivity. Electrical terminal tractors or yard trucks are also safe to use indoors and outside, helping to create a more seamless flow of materials and goods around your yard.

The time is now to go electric.

This webinar provides an in-depth examination of Kalmar TX Electric Terminal Tractor, offering insights into the technology driving electrification in the industry. From product details to market differentiators, this on-demand session allows you to navigate the content at your own pace. Access the webinar now to gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable and efficient terminal operations. This product is only available for sales in North America.


In this webinar you will learn:

  1. Comprehensive insights into Kalmar's Electric Terminal Tractors, including detailed product specifications and features.

  2. The key motivators and benefits driving the industry-wide shift towards electrification in terminal tractor operations.

  3. Major components powering the electric terminal tractors, and the unique market differentiators that set Kalmar apart.

Meet your webinar hosts:

Chas Mease
Manager, ZEV Terminal Tractor Sales



Jacob Sipple
Sales Development Lead TT, Americas

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