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Send an e-invoice via your service provider

Kalmar supports the transformation towards a more sustainable world. We are counting on our suppliers to join us in reducing the use of paper by sending invoices only in electronic format. E-invoicing is Kalmar's preferred invoice delivery method. You can send e-invoice structured data to Kalmar directly from your billing system via your e-invoicing service provider.


How to start sending e-invoices

  1. Check that your e-invoicing service provider is connected to Basware. Check from your service provider that they are able to route invoices to Basware. Basware’s partners are listed here. You can find more information here.
  2. Update the Kalmar company’s e-invoicing address in your billing system. E-invoice addresses for Kalmar companies are listed here. 
  3. Check that your invoice contains all the mandatory fields that are listed here.
  4. Start sending e-invoices to Kalmar. We recommend you contact Kalmar to verify that your first (but only your first) invoice has been received correctly. You can send an email in English to:
  5. After verifying that your first e-invoice has been received correctly, please remove all the other ways of sending invoices, to ensure that each invoice is sent only once. There is no need to send the same invoice as a pdf or paper copy in addition. Duplicate invoices slow down invoice processing.

Do you need help?

  • If you have questions about sending e-invoices, you can contact Basware support by filling in a support form.
  • If you have any invoice-content or payment-related questions, please send an email in English to: