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Depending on your question, you can find the right channel to contact us from the list below.


Invoice and payments-related questions 

Support needed


Sending invoices through any of the preferred channels: e-invoicing, PDF invoices, or Key-In services Contact Basware support by filling in this support form.
Invoice handling and payment-related questions, such as invoice content requirements, invoice payment status, or payment reminders. Send an email in English to:


Sourcing and purchasing related questions 

Type of purchases 


Indirect: Purchases required to operate the business (e.g. Facilities, Utilities, IT, Logistics, Marketing & Communications, MRO & Investments, Personnel Services, Professional Services, Travel & Events, Fleet.)

  • For questions about the sourcing process including supplier selection and contracting, send an email in English to:
  • Please be advised the portal email are temporarily set for both Cargotec and Kalmar suppliers due to the ongoing system separation
  • For questions about purchasing and delivery activities, send an email to English to:

Direct: Purchases directly related to Kalmar products’ production (e.g. Parts, Raw Materials, etc.)

  • Please contact your representative from Kalmar Sourcing