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Please help us ensure smooth invoice processing by providing all mandatory content information in your invoice. Use the checklist below before sending your invoice to Kalmar.

Note: The required information is also stated in the Purchase Order that Kalmar has issued to you.


Invoice Header

Invoice information

Mandatory / Comments 

Document type (invoice, credit note, proforma invoice, etc.)


Invoice number/reference


Invoice issue date

Mandatory. Standard format to be applied - DD/MM/YYYY

Invoice due date according to the agreed payment terms


Delivery and service dates


Kalmar company name and VAT registration number 

Mandatory (see company information here)

Kalmar contact person (name and surname)


Purchase Order (PO) number

Mandatory for purchases requiring Purchase Orders. The number is visible in the PO that Kalmar has issued to you.

Delivery address


Supplier’s company name, address, and VAT registration number


Supplier's bank details (including IBAN/SWIFT)



Invoice Body 

Purchase Order line reference number

Mandatory for purchases requiring Purchase Orders. The line reference number is visible in the PO that Kalmar has issued to you.

Description of supplied goods/services amount and price (net and gross)


Invoice currency (international abbreviation, e.g. USD, EUR)


Invoice total (net, taxes, and gross). Note: If your invoice has more than one page, please state the total invoice amount on the first page.



Additional information

  • English language should be used for all invoices.
  • In the file name, avoid using special characters and non-English characters.
  • Kalmar prefers all invoices to be sent as single invoices. This ensures increased automation in invoice processing.
  • In addition to the mandatory information presented above, some suppliers might be required to enclose additional information as stated in their agreement with Kalmar.
  • Payment reminders or payment status requests should be sent in English to: