The scope of the operations and a long-lasting collaboration make Navkar one of Kalmar’s key partners in India, a partnership that was born nearly three decades ago and today covers a majority of Kalmar’s spare parts services and on-call biddings in the area.

Yogesh Jain, Commercial Vice President at Navkar, says, “We are a well-known brand in the Indian cargo handling sector. We value quality across our operations, which is why we need the best equipment providers.”

Navkar has proven its competence with a track record of merit and recognition with several awards. The company won the container freight station (CFS) award of the Year at the India Maritime Awards in 2016 in successive years through 2019. It also received the CFS of the Year Awards at the Samudra Manthan Awards for four successive years, 2015 through 2018.

Kalmar sets the seal of efficiency in cargo handling

Navkar Corporation operates at the intersection of international trade, providing links in and outside the country. Navkar’s container freight and rail terminals are essential to cargo handling and transportation in India.

“We operate three container freight stations and an inland container depot here at Navkar. Efficient cargo and container handling play a major role in creating the best possible service at all our sites,” says Jain.

“Our oldest equipment from Kalmar date from 1994 and are still working perfectly."

Navkar’s multifaceted business activities require the highest standards of reliability and efficiency in all areas. Kalmar helps Navkar achieve this with a full range of services that include preventive and corrective maintenance in spare parts services, 24/7 manpower support, and annual operator training.

“Our oldest equipment from Kalmar date from 1994 and are still working perfectly. Since then, we have increased our fleet to include a range of forklifts, cranes, reachstackers and rubber tyred gantry cranes. We are currently looking for five more machines. With Kalmar equipment, we ensure the quality of cargo handling in our daily operations,” emphasises Jain.

Innovation in product development is paramount to Navkar

Navkar’s sites hum along at a high-performance pace. The company relies on state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure sufficient productivity in cargo handling.

“At Kalmar, we understand well the various requirements of companies like Navkar. They have a very high level of operations and well-established key performance indicators to track quality in all areas of the business,” says Alejandro Martinez, Sales Director, IMEA region at Kalmar.

Kalmar equips Navkar with durable machines with a long lifespan. Moreover, innovation in Kalmar’s product development allows for optimising equipment to suit various site-specific conditions. The continuous quality improvements yield fewer repair costs, less downtime, and a higher lifetime value for all products.

“We want to provide the best possible equipment to meet the high requirements our customers demand. By continuously improving our equipment and providing new solutions, Kalmar can promise benefits for today and in the future,” says Martinez.

A forward-looking collaboration

Improving working efficiency, employee safety and sustainability are central precepts of future development of Navkar Corporation. Here, Kalmar aims to remain a key partner, ensuring that container handling activities maintain the finest quality.

“We are happy with the high standards Kalmar has provided over the years. We look forward to continuing the collaboration and exploring together the future of quality manufacturing for cargo handling solutions,” says Jain. 


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