Broekman Logistics specialises in providing customised logistics solutions for producers and distributors of breakbulk freight, handling all types of heavy lift and out-of-gauge cargo and providing support activities such as freight forwarding, fiscal representation and customs brokerage.

This specialism has been a vital element in the company’s success in developing long term partnerships with its customers. Value added services for heavy lift cargo include assembly, modification, overhaul and packing and the company’s heavy lift centre can also be used for marshalling.

Keeping pace with growth

Broekman Logistics terminals are experiencing year-on-year growth. To keep up with this expansion and prepare the facilities for future demand, the company has committed to investing in new equipment - including most recently a Kalmar medium electric forklift - to add to a fleet that already includes a number of Kalmar terminal tractors and eco reachstackers.

These machines allow for larger volumes to be handled at the terminal, explains Rob van Dijk, director of operations breakbulk terminals.

“To prepare for the future and build a sustainable business, we are willing to invest in new equipment,” he says. “Working with Kalmar we are able to handle cargo safely as well as in an eco-efficient manner, creating sustainable value for our customers.”

“Safety and sustainability are part of our core mission and taking this next step with Kalmar further underlines this commitment.”

Broekman Logistics is working towards making its project services terminal almost completely CO2-neutral by 2021 and has plans to do the same for the Broekman Distriport terminal at Rotterdam Botlek.

Building on two of Broekman Logistics’ main strategic pillars - digitisation and sustainability - the contract extensions it has agreed with Kalmar will enable the company to take the next step in the energy transition of its breakbulk terminals.

One of the company’s objectives is to eventually electrify its entire fleet and the use of Kalmar electric machines will help it achieve this target. Kalmar is in the vanguard of electric powered vehicle development and has committed to electrifying its entire machine range by the end of 2021. Its eco-efficient portfolio is setting an industry example on sustainability standards.

“Broekman Logistics strives to take a leading position in the sustainable development of its breakbulk terminals and warehouses,” says van Dijk. “Safety and sustainability are part of our core mission and taking this next step with Kalmar further underlines this commitment.”

High quality services

Broekman Logistics’ director of operations breakbulk terminals describes Kalmar as a reliable partner that shares the company’s values of delivering a high level of service and performance.

“Most importantly, like us, Kalmar recognises that safety and sustainability play a critical role in delivering these services,” says van Dijk. “We celebrated our 60th anniversary in 2020, a milestone that we are proud of but also a moment of realisation. In order to make it over the next 60 years, sustainable advances and operational excellence are vital. Kalmar’s equipment supports us in realising our goals by delivering durable equipment that promotes increased efficiency in our operations.”

As with all other Kalmar customers, after sales service is an extremely important element of this relationship.

“Broekman Logistics and Kalmar have developed a healthy partnership where our needs and conditions are met and listened to, providing us with the equipment we need to deliver high quality services to our customers,” concludes van Dijk. “The contract extension we recently mutually agreed on recently will further strengthen our partnership.”