It’s been six years since Kalmar rolled out its first Generation G product, a medium range forklift truck. This forklift and its various applications to other products have received rave reviews, which is why Kalmar is optimistic about its customers’ response to the new DCG50-90 industrial diesel forklift.

“Since we have a fairly broad product portfolio and can only do a couple of these projects a year, it has taken a while for us to get this product onto the market,” says Johan Hellström, Product Manager, FLT Business Support Marketing, Kalmar Mobile Equipment.

One of the big changes is also one of the most visible; the ergonomically designed EGO cabin where every feature is electronically operated and adjusted, making it easy for the driver to manoeuvre the forklift with just the touch of a finger. The electric joysticks further add to the driver’s precise control.

For customers with other Kalmar products in their fleets, the cabin looks familiar since it’s essentially the same as in their other machines.

“The drivers will be familiar with the EGO cabin so for them there’s no adjustment period - they’ll know how things work. The same is true for the maintenance staff,” Hellström says.

While the standard cabin is the same, customers still have optional features to choose from. Since the beginning of the new generation’s roll out, Kalmar has further developed some of the features such as the joysticks.

The DCG50-90 is a standout in the market where other products often have simpler cabins.

Since the light range forklifts are often used in high-volume tasks with intense bursts of activity, there is pressure to lower prices, which often results in smaller vehicles and smaller cabins. This is not the case with the DCG50-90.

“Ours is dominated by the cabin, which is exceptional. This is a cabin you’d expect to see on a bigger vehicle,” says Hellström. “The drivers appreciate it, and when they get the chance to choose, they choose ours.”

Outstanding quality and durability

While drivers often do have a say in the purchase, user comfort isn’t the only feature Kalmar offers. At least as important is costs, efficiency and the quality of the forklift.

As with other generation G vehicles, the DCG50-90 has the economy mode, Eco, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 15 percent, and an advanced diagnostics system that alerts the operator if there’s a problem.

“The customers’ needs dictate what they value in a forklift, and for those who need to transport materials long distances, the top speed may be an important consideration. For others, it’s the lift capacity and for some, vehicle manoeuvrability in tight spaces is primary,” says Hellström.

“The number one reason people buy Kalmar products is their quality and durability. An idling forklift costs money, and that should be part of the cost calculations.”

Hellström expects the DCG50-90 to find its market niche, even if it’s not a huge corner of the market.

“I think we’ll find our niche. We know, for example, that some paper mills need durable forklifts. If you need a forklift for two hours a day, we may not be the solution, but our customers need forklifts that are on the go for at least ten to 12 hours, maybe even 20 hours,” he says.

“It makes high demands on the forklift.”

Enter the high performance DCG50-90.