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Kalmar forklift makes pipe handling a breeze for Tuboscope

With an extra hydraulic level it’s smooth to handle and can easily be maneuvered by any driver.


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Kalmar’s robust and highly manoeuvrable DCG100-12 forklift helps Tuboscope keep its pipeline components moving whatever the weather.





 Stavanger, Norway


Norway’s Tuboscope takes the safe path to success thanks to the Kalmar DCG100-12 forklift

The challenge

Safely transporting up to 15-metre-long pipeline components to and from vessels requires pinpoint accuracy at the best of times. When you add the frequently punishing weather conditions that operators have to face – such as heavy rain and wind gusts up to 21 metres per second – the need for a stable, safe transportation method is even greater.

The solution

The Kalmar DCG100-12 forklift features a load-stabilising system from ELM. Equipped with an extra hydraulic level, the truck provides the smooth handling of oversized loads that Tuboscope needs, and is also highly manoeuvrable, even in the most challenging weather conditions. 

The results

The Kalmar DCG100-12 exceeded all Tuboscope’s expectations, enabling highly efficient handling of pipeline components. As well as high operational performance, the DCG100-12 provides a safe and secure environment for the operator, with excellent comfort and visibility.