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Roland, Germany

“The Kalmar machines are reliable, efficient and comfortable to operate.” Christoph Holtkemper, Managing Director Roland

The solution Container terminals


Container pioneer depends on Kalmar

To ensure the uninterrupted loading and unloading of block trains from Germany and Italy – up to 400 containers per day – Roland Umschlag depends on a large fleet of Kalmar equipment.


Name: Roland Umschlag
Location: Bremen, Germany
Daily volume: 1,000 containers
Kalmar fleet: Two DRF450-75S5XS reachstackers
One DRF450-65S5 reachstacker
Four DCF100-45E7 empty container handlers
One DCD250-12 forklift truck


The challenge

Founded in 1969, Roland Umschlag is a leading freight handling specialist based in GVZ Bremen, one of Europe’s leading logistics hubs. Full containers are handled on a 120,000m² area, which is complemented by an empty container depot comprising 85,000m².

Further expansion will soon be needed as train traffic between the German seaports continues to increase and inland transport volumes rise.

The solution

The trains are served by two Kalmar DRF45075S5XS reachstackers with a 7,500mm wheel base and hydraulic supports. These huge 90-tonne machines are capable of lifting containers weighing up to 30t from the second rail at a load centre distance of 5,200mm, measured from the front edge of the vehicle. To ease the operators’ work, the cabins are equipped with lifting hydraulics, and aided by a Kalmar classic, the DRF450-65S5 reachstacker.

In addition to handling full containers, Roland also offers empty container handling, catering for all shipping companies active in Bremen. Equipped with double spreaders, the four Kalmar DCF100-45E7 empty-container handlers stack up to seven Highcube boxes. With their bespoke spreaders, they can lift even 40-foot reefer containers with an eccentric centre of gravity.

The results

Although the trains served by Roland carry 50 containers on average, the mean clearance time per train is no more than three hours. Managing Director Christoph Holtkemper highlights the strict monitoring of all equipment. Tyre wear and fuel consumption of each large machine are followed closely. 

“The Kalmar machines are reliable, efficient and comfortable to operate. Operator comfort is essential to achieving the desired performance,” he says.