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Reliable, safe and highly efficient.

“We were looking for opportunities to find new driving techniques and we found this with K-Motion.” PASCAL VERMEULEN, Technical Manager, RBC Terminal.


The solution Material handling

RBC Terminals wanted a safe and reliable machine that could handle hazardous materials with care.

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Employees: 50+

Capacity: 12,000+ containers

Fleet: 1 DRF450, 1 DRG450 with K-Motion

A smooth operator.

RBC Terminals needed a reachstacker that was highly efficient and could handle flammable and dangerous materials with great care.

The challenge

RBC Terminal has traditionally focused on empty container handling, with over 12,000 containers on-site. Using a combination of empty container handlers and a reachstacker, they move on average 500 containers a day, between the yard, trucks and barges. With an additional pier being built and the expansion of the business into handling hazardous and flammable materials, new equipment was needed with very special requirements.

The new container handler needed to be able to manage fully laden tanks, carrying hazardous materials quickly and with care around the yard. The machine needed to stack high and deep and work quickly in the exchange areas with trucks and cranes.

RBC were also looking for a machine that reduced fuel consumption and provided a better driving experience for their operators.

The solution

“Based on the need for reliability and availability for operations and then we compared this with the experience of the drivers. The drivers are looking at the machine in a different way than a financial or technical person. They have to work with it day by day. So, we get the combination of the drivers’ experience and the financial decision and we found an opportunity with the Kalmar K-Motion.”
Pascal Vermeulen, Technical Manager

RBC also wanted to be able to monitor and optimise the performance of their new machine in real time, so they added it to their current Kalmar SmartFleet subscription. As RBC doesn’t have their own service department, all of the service and maintenance tasks were outsourced to the local Kalmar team.

The results

The Kalmar K-Motion machine has exceeded all expectations. The machine is proving to be highly reliable and efficient, with smooth movements, which is critical when handling hazardous materials.

“K-Motion is a smooth operator, in particular when loading dangerous goods, and it is easy to operate.”
Pascal Vermeulen, Technical Manager.

Due to its unique combination of hydrostatic and mechanical drives, the machine provides a superior driving experience whilst reducing fuel consumption by over 30% from the previous generation of machines.

“We see all the information coming out of SmartFleet, we see 30% less fuel consumption. We are also very satisfied with the service and handling of the K-Motion.” Pascal Vermeulen, Technical Manager.

“The drivers trust the machine to do a good job, they like operating it. The noise is less, they listen to music. Kalmar is the Mercedes of reachstackers. It is the best reachstacker.”
Melvin van der Lugt - Terminal Supervisor.