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Kalmar DCG180-6 forklift keeps coils moving for Kronprinz

-"Excellent maneuverability and great visibility" Operator, Kronprinz


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Kronprinz's 18-ton Kalmar DCG180-6 is equipped with a coil ram to carry steel coils to production lines. This modern machine operates for 2,500 hours per year and features a low-emission engine, excellent maneuverability and easy maintenance.

The challenge

Kronprinz, Solingen, Germany is  a member of the Mefro wheels group. The Solingen factory produces a wide range of steel wheels for cars and trucks. In the manufacturing process a number of large steel coils needs to be transported from the central warehouse and carried over a distance of up to 500 metres to the processing lines in a two-shift operation. The coils can weigh up to 16,300 kg each and need to be handled with care. On their way to the processing line the coils need to be maneuvered into confined spaces in order to reach the processing lines

The solution

Due to the confined spaces in the production environment Kronoprinz chose a Kalmar DCG180-6. Its short wheelbase it can easily maneuver even where the space is limited.  The duplex free lift mast has a lifting height of 4,000 mm and the fork carriage comes with integrated lateral thrust. If needed the coil mandrel can be swapped for a 2,400 mm fork.

The results

The DCG180-6 is powered by a low-emission Cummins motor and features an integrated EGR filter system that requires no cleaning after operation. The short wheel base provides excellent maneuverability, while the hydraulic system is both compact and quiet. The forklift is also easy to maintain, with key service points, including the tank inlets, easily accessible from ground level.