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Kalmar mobile equipment and maintenance services keep ECT in business

Kalmar mobile equipment ensures productivity at ECT’s inland terminals 

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) operates 13 Kalmar reachstackers and four empty container handlers at its inland terminals, covered by a five-year maintenance agreement. The equipment provides high lifting capacity and superior environmental performance.

The challenge

As Europe's leading cargo handler, ECT demands equipment solutions that comply with the latest emissions standards without sacrificing performance and fuel efficiency. Already a long-term customer of Kalmar and well aware of the superior environmental and productivity benefits offered by our solutions, ECT decided to upgrade its inland-terminal fleet with the latest generation Kalmar equipment.

The solution

ECT's fleet upgrade comprised the purchase of 13 Kalmar reachstackers – DRF450-60S5 and DCF100-45E7 models – and four Kalmar DCF90-45E6 empty container handlers.

The results

ECT's reachstackers feature a clean-running Volvo engine that delivers near-zero NOx and harmful particulate emissions without affecting capacity or productivity. The heavy-duty DRF 450-60S5 model chosen by ECT boasts a lifting capacity of 45,000 kg, smooth automatic gear shifting and smart operator controls.