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New Kalmar Empty Container Handler at CDM.

"I would recommend this machine to other companies as it is on of the best." Operator, CDM


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Container Depot München (CDM) operators praise the efficiency and comfort of Kalmar's new Empty Container Handler.

More choice, efficiency and driver comfort.

CDM, founded in 1978, is one of Germany's first hinterland container depots and now handles over 70,000 containers a year. It stores, maintains, moves, rents and sells containers, making it the busiest container terminal in Munich.

The challenge

CDM's business has increased exponentially over the last few years, which has put additional pressure on its equipment and drivers. The current fleet consists of older generation Kalmar Empty Container Handlers and Reachstackers. CDM are now looking to grow and update their fleet with more efficient machines that deliver exceptional driver comfort and safety. 

The solution

To solve CDM's challenge, Kalmar delivered its first new G-Generation Empty Container Handler to the site in September 2016. The new empty container handler can move two 20-40ft containers at a time, or a single larger container. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes it can stack up to 8/7 high. The new machine delivers marketleading lifting and lowering speeds and is fitted with our ergonomically designed EGO cabin for optimal driver comfort. 

The results

CDM and its operators are extremely pleased with their new Empty Container Handler. They have noticed a significant improvement in lifting speeds and movement around the terminal. Operators feel the new machine is safer to operate and, with its improved cabin visabilitty and comfort, is the most popular machine in CDM's fleet.